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My name is David (Lake) Billings. I plan to graduate in 2019. I am most interested in biomedical engineering, but I am currently listed as undeclared. BME interests me because I plan on possibly pursuing medical or dental school in the future. I chose engineering over simply a chemistry or biology degree though since I want to keep my options open. An engineering degree is more versatile than a science degree.

My favorite hobby is probably fishing. Ever since I was little I have loved to fish. And I don't really care what type of fishing it is, as long as I am catching fish. The types of fishing I most enjoy though are bass fishing, fly fishing for trout, and offshore fishing. My biggest fish is a 50 to 60 pound sailfish that I caught one summer with my dad while we were fishing off of the Outer Banks.

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  1. Go to www.papajohns.com and click 'Start Your Order'.
  2. Choose the pizza you want along with toppings and additional items such as desserts and drinks.
  3. Complete your order by filling out your address and possibly card information if paying online.
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Class Expected Grade
Chemistry 101 (CH101) A+
Calculus III (MA242) A-
Economics (EC205) A