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My name is Devan Lynn Issac. I am a Junior here at NC State. My major is in computer science. I choose computer Science because of the lucrative payoffs associated with software tech. Computer programming has peaked my interests in particular. My favorite hobby is reading up on new tech trends. Keeping up to date with world news and politcal races. Looking at the worlds most critical problems and thinking about the way the Universe works. For example, I love to tell people about the most basic concepts of physics. Most people dont even know the fundamentals. Newtons first law of motion states that everything in motion stays in that motion until another force acts upon it. Its a very deep and basic principle that governs our entire existence and yet its paid no thought in the mind of many.


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Instructions for ordering my favorite pizza.

  1. Call dominos pizza
  2. Ask for delivery of Pepperoni Pizza
  3. Give credit card information
  4. Wait for delivery and enjoy!

  5. Intro Java Programming_ Statistics for Engineers_ English for Engineers_ History of Technology
    Grade B+ Grade B Grade B+ Grade A

    An image of my favorite hobby is THIS!