My name is Davis Mossman. I am a freshman an NC State. My intended major is Industrial Systems Engineering. I chose this major because I like making things run smoothly and that's the focus of this major. I also plan on having a minor in business administration.

My favorite break from school is winter break. I like it because I get to see all of my friends. I also like it because there is absolutely no homework during it. Another bonus of it being winter is my ability to indulge myself with as much bojangles as I want. I can do this because of the bojangles gift cards I get for Christmas.

I very much like March Madness. Cheering on the annual cinderella team is great. It is even better if I called that team in my bracket. That is the second best part of March Madness, the brackets. Brackets allow you to compete with millions of people by using your knowledge of teams, or luck.

Gearing Deals!
Time Killer
  1. Acquire the best cheese ever
  2. Get the freshest bread in the galaxy
  3. Find the perfect distance from the purest sun to grill your cheese
  4. Use a lightsaber when done to cut the cheese *snicker

Class Grades

Class Grade Expected
CH 101 B+
USC 102 A+
ENG 101 B