Welcome to my personal page!

A Picture of Davis

My name is Davis Long and I am a freshman at NC State University. I am hoping to CODA into Mechanical Engineering. I chose Mechanical Engineering because it was such a broad major that would allow me to pursue a wide variety of careers and use a variety of skills.

My first job was working at the Onslow County Museum. While I worked there, I worked the register and gave advice to travelers who stopped by to visit the museum. I also performed upkeep on the exhibits and helped children in the interactive exhibit.

Classes I Have Taken at NCSU

  1. History of the Middle Ages
  2. Introduction to Engineering
  3. Fundamentals of Economics
  4. Introduction to Computing Environments

    1. A Few Clubs I Have Been Involved With at NCSU

      Name More Information
      Engineering Council E-Council Website
      Helping Hands Club Helping Hands Website