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My name is Daniel Robinson, and I am a Sophomore going into civil engineering. I chose this major because I have been around engineers my entire life. I took many engineering classes during my high school career and enjoyed them all. Math and Physics are both a large part of engineering, and I like them the most out of all the classes I have taken. Much of an engineers time is spent outside, which is something I wanted to make sure was a part of my career.

My main hobby is collecting knives, bayonets, and any other blades that I like. I collect mainly Case, Buck, Boker, and other knives made in the United States or Germany. I currently have over two hundred knives, and the collection is growing constantly. The oldest knife that I have is a case trapper that was made between 1965 and 1969. I prefer the knives that were made before 1980 because the carbon steel they used was stronger and sharpened better.

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USC 102 A
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E 115 S
PY 205 B+

Case Stag Trapper