Welcome to the Life of Daniel

About Me:

    My name is Daniel Stutts and I am currrently enrolled at North Carolina State University. I am currently a sophmore in the Fisheries Wildlife Conservation Biology with a concentration in wildlife. I am interested in wildlife in general and plan on finding a job in the wildlife field. Right now I have nothing specific on my mind but I know the general direction I want to be headed into.

    I am taking CSC 200 at NCSU and have learned many things about computers and how they work. I enjoyed making an advertisement in SNAP as it introduced me into programing. I have also enjoyed the little time we have spent on html and web page design. This is a subject I would love to learn more about becasue it fascinates me how many of the bigger website are designed how they are put together. The main thing I have not enjoyed about the class would be certain things in SNAP. It is a basic programing system so it did not go into much detail but just the way it is set up is not pleasent
Photo of me

    Here is a link to the CSC 200 course at NCSU:https://moodle-courses1617.wolfware.ncsu.edu/course/view.php?id=4504

Some foods I like and dislike:

Food Group
Pineapple,Strawberries, Grapes
Kiwi, Grapfruit, Honeydew
Chicken, Beef, Pork, Ham, Bacon
Fish, any kind of liver,
Carrots, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Corn
Brussel Spouts, Spinach, Cabbage,
Bread, Cereal, Bagels, Pasta, Rice
Milk, Yougart, butter, cream cheese
Buttermilk, Soymilk