Daniel Martin = me

Click me if you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle.
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My pedigree is in Chemical engineering with a concentration in Biomanufacturing. I am receiving this piece of paper from North Carolina State University in December 2016.

Intent and Purpose

When I receieve my pedigree I will resume my career in the Biopharmaceutical industry. Upon which I will continue to spend my money to race motorcycles and eventually cars. Followed by my midlife crisis and eventual suicide.

Class Course Title Semester
CHE 447 Bioreactor Design Fall 2016
CHE 435 Process Systems Analysis and Control Fall 2016
BEC 475 Golbal Regulatory Affairs for Medicine Production Fall 2014
BEC 436 Downstream Process Development Fall 2013
BEC 480 cGMP Fermentation Ops Spring 2014