Welcome to Week 10's HW Assignment!

My name is Dana Asad. I am a freshman in the College of Engineering with a biomedical intent. I chose this major for premed in the hopes to be able to do research in biomaterials while pursuing a medical career. It was the first major to catch my interest, so I hope I do not change my mind about it. I am really excited to study it here at NC State.

My favorite thing to do in my spare time is to hike. Hiking is a great stress reliever and a chance to be in your own world for a few hours. My interest in hiking evolved from my joy of running in trails. Eventually, I just wanted to slow down, trail my own path, and have the time to take in my surroundings. I have gotten lost a couple times, but it is all part of the adventure. Right?

Hobby Image

  1. Buy ingredients: toast, sliced deli meat, lettuce, tomato .
  2. Stack desired amount of ingredients between two slices of toast.
  3. Cut in half.
  4. Enjoy your sandwich.

Course Expected Grade
CH 101 A-
MA 141 A+
E 115 S
FLA 101 A+