Who I am

Hello World,
My name is Derrik Brown.

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Picture of Me

My Major

My intended major is Aerospace Engineering. I currently attend North Carolina State University. I intend to graduate in May 2020.

Why I Chose My Major

When I was a Freshman in High School I took an engineering class where I learned about all the great things engineers do. Also, I have always enjoyed designing and building different things. Airplanes interested me a lot, and so did the Air Force. All of these combined led me to Aerospace Engineering. With the Aerospace Engineering degree I want to be a Developmental Engineer for the United States Air Force.

Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
Chemsitry, A Molecular Science CH101 Fall 2016
Intro to Engr & Prob Solv E101 Fall 2016
Calculus III MA242 Fall 2017