Hello. Welcome to my webpage!

My Name is Don McGinnis. I am a freshman majoring in nuclear engineering.
I have wanted to be a nuclear engineer since I was in middle school. I always
knew I wanted to be an engineer and nuclear always appealed to me the most. I
am not quite sure whether I want to work in a nuclear plant, in nuclear medicine,
or another discipline of nuclear engineering quite yet. I also am unsure of whether
or not I will pursue a masters in nuclear along with the bachelors immediatley
after graduation from college or if I will go into the nuclear field right away.

My favorite hobby is golf. I have played ever since I was a young child because
I live on a golf course. I play golf on average 5 times a week durring the summer.
One thing I like about golf is you can play with anyone. I have played with my parents,
grandparents, friends, people of all ages. I also enjoy how it is an individual sport
where its all you out there. Golf is my favorite hobby.

  1. Toss dough to spread it out
  2. Put pizza sauce, cheese, and peperoni on top of dough
  3. Bake Pizza for 15 minutes in oven at 400 degrees
  4. Check to make sure crust is golden brown, if so remove Pizza from oven.
  5. Enjoy!

Class Grade
CH 102 A+
MA 241 A
E101 A