Hello and Welcome!

My name is David Daniel and I am a freshman at NC State University. I am an in the college of engineering here hoping to do aerospace engineering. I have always been interested in things that go - namely racecars, airplanes, boats, and pretty much anything with an engine. I hope that doing aerospace engineering can get me into a career that I would love. My all time dreams would be a Formula 1 team head engineer, boat or plane designer, or an automotive journalist (a tad bit off topic i know). I am also interested in mechanical and nuclear engineering. Mechanical for many of the same reasons I want to do aerospace, and nuclear just because I find nuclear energy and its possibilities very interesting.

My favorite hobby would probably be hunting and fishing. I am fortunate enough to go down to the wilmington area a fair bit during the year where my brother and I do a lot of fishing. We do mainly inshore fishing for flounder, drum, or trout, but occasionally we will head right off the beach for some spanish mackerel or way out to the gulf stream to get to the big stuff. From Wilmington, the gulf stream is about 60 miles off the beach, so it's a pretty long ride. I also enjoy doing a lot of hunting, mainly duck hunting. I hunt a good bit down at the beach, but there are mainly divers and not-so-high quality ducks around where we are able to go. At home in WIlson, I do a lot of hunting in swamps and flooded timber, mainly getting into wood ducks. My favorite place to hunt would probably be currituck area because of the sheer variety of ducks the area brings.

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Boogidy Boogidy Let's Go Racin'

How to make my favorite sandwich

  1. Get you some bread, peanut butter, and mamas finest jam
  2. Get you a plate and silver ware and such
  3. Spread on the peanut butter(crunchy) on one slice of bread
  4. Spread the Jelly on the other slice (strawberry jelly)
  5. Slap the two pieces of bread together and enjoy
Class Expected Grade
PY205 88
ENG101 93
E115 80
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