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Hi, my name is Darian Deanhardt. My intended major is Computer Engineering. I am attending North Carolina State University. I anticipate to graduate by May of 2020. I also plan to do a co-op, so I may extend my graduation year by 1 year.


I chose my degree of Computer Engineering for many reasons. I have always liked working with and fixing the hardware of computers. I also like to work on projects that require the specialization of a computer system for a problem. I intend to use my degree to work on difficult problems with innovative solutions. I may also go into a form of advanced IT.

Class Course Title Semester
PY 205 and 206 Physics for Engineering and Science Spring
MA 241 Calculus 2 Fall
MA 242 Calculus 3 Spring
COM 110 Public Speaking Spring
ENG 101 Academic Writing and Research Fall