The World of Dayna

In the simple world of Dayna, there invovles two sweet dogs by the names of Scout and Crash. Click to see the picture! I am currently a student at North Carolina State University studying Textile Technology with a concentration in medical textiles. Ordinally from Wilmington and been in Raleigh for way too long and miss the beach everyday; hopefully one day will end up back there with the rest of my family. I am very big in sports and love to attend any game that I can no matter what sport it is. Once upon a time I was a swimmer and regret not swimming in college but still enjoy swimming for my daily workout. I enjoy going to sporting events with my family and friends. Click to see pictures

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Things of Interest

  1. Les Miserables
  2. The Sweetest Thing
  3. Sherlock Holmes
A few websites I go to often:

scoutandcrash scout crash
Scout and Crash
Crash passed out from visiting Granpa White

Scout is going to be a breed dog for Carolina Kennels, where we got him and where his mother is. Click on his picture to go to the website to learn more!

My two favorite pro sports teams websites listed below

Click here to go to Carolina Hurricanes site! Click here to go to New Orleans Saints site!

hurricanes saints

Brian and I at the Carolina Hurriance's game


B and I at the New Orleans' Saints game


Favorite Actress!


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