Mega Ultimate Homework 6

My name is David. I am a sophomore. I have not yet decided on a major. I am However leaning towards engineering. Biological and agricultural seems the most interesting to me right now. I'm thinking about this major because it appears to fit my academic interests while offering me a suitable challenge. I decided it was right for me because I love biology and agriculture.

My favorite hobby is to play rugby. I started playing rugby my senior year of high school. Iv'e mad a lot of friends playing rugby. We have matches every Saturday. This Saturday we play Cherry point, a military team towards the coast of North Carolina.

Click the image below to open the website of Carolina Panthers, the best football team of all time.
Cam Newton

This is my resume if you want to hire me.

To make a decent pizza with minimal work, here are the steps

  1. Decide if you like Pizza
  2. Buy Frozen Pizza
  3. Unbox Frozen Pizza
  4. Heat the Pizza
  5. Share with your friends
Current Classes
Physics 208 B+
Calc III B+
Chemistry 101 A+
Biology 181 A-

Here's a glimpse of my favorite hobby.
Rugby player