Merry Christmas from the Motts, Raleigh, NC! 

Hope everyone has had a great 2008!

This is our Christmas card for 2008...  Well, let’s get the sad parts over with first…  In December 2007, Dan lost his mother, and also his Grandma (aged 97.)  In February we lost our dog Otis to cancer. In April, De lost her Mammaw (aged 99 & 2/3.)  We miss them all very much.

In March, we adopted a new Golden Retriever rescue dog that we named Barley.  We met him at his foster home, fell in love in about 20 seconds, and took him home that night.  Barley had been a stray from the next county and he was very afraid of almost everything, but most especially of cars.  For several weeks Dan had to pick him up to put him into the car, and he would shake for most of the trip.  Once he figured out that getting in the car meant not getting behind, he did a 180 on this car thing.  Sometimes we have problems getting him out of the car!  Barley also had heartworms and was very skinny – but now he is healthy and very energetic!  He makes us laugh about every 10 minutes, loves to carry our shoes all over the house, and is making his Mommy get a whole lot more exercise.

This winter we skied at Powder Mountain in Utah.  For the first time in many years, we got a big powder day!  No one really could remember even how to ski the powder – but we sure had a great time falling down in the fluff.  De remembered again just how dumb it is to follow Dan into the trees between slopes.

We spend four entire weeks at the farm this year (gotta work on the other 48…) during 4th of July, Labor Day (traffic jam in Hillsville), late October, and Thanksgiving.  Our major projects included growing garlic, completing the road down to the creek, and building a tin roof over the camper.  The last project brought on a few “You might be a Redneck if…” jokes as you can see from the photos.

Oh yeah, work… Dan is still working on cotton in NCSU.  De changed jobs in December 2007 and is back working on hardware – this time doing engineering support for products after they are developed. 

Dan, De and Barley wish you the happiest of Holidays and a wonderful 2009!