A brief description of me

My name is Daniel Sartin and I am a freshman in Biological and Agricultural Engineering in this year, 2014. I chose to be a biological and agricultural engineer because I wanted to be able to contribute to the technological advances that are to come in the next several years to the agricultural world. I understand the need for agriculture, and I also understand the need for sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. I feel that it is important for me to help with the development of new machinery and practices to allow farmers to produce enough food to feed the world, but also keep their environmental footprint as minimal as possible. I also wanted to be more than just a farmer. I have always enjoyed making things more so than just using something already made.

One of my more recent favorite hobbies is music. I played trombone and mainly percussion in school. My parents had bought me an electric guitar for one of my birthdays and I have yet to learn to play it well. Many of my fraternity brothers can play the guitar, banjo, or both. Now that I will be around these guys for atleast my next four years, I figured I could finally pick up how to play better than I can now. We also do some singing, but I will get my mom and grandma that have been in the church choir for many years to help me develop my voice.

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  1. Two slices of white bread
  2. Add Mayonnaise to both slices
  3. Add three pieces of smoked ham
  4. Add lettuce and tomato
  5. Eat and enjoy
Classes Expected Grade
Chemistry 101 88
Engineering 101 95
Calculus 141 85
English 101 94
Acoustic and Electric Guitar