Hi Everyone!

My name is Daniel Dulaney and I'm a senior Statistics and Economics major here at NC State. I decided to be an Economics major as a freshman at UNCG because of my interest in both busines and mathematics. I then transferred to NC State last year and developed an interest in the study of Statistics, which is a nice complementary major and shares a lot of qualities with Economics.

A lot of my interests stem from sports, especially baseball. I played competitively until this past year and continue to play baseball, basketball, and volleyball for fun. Additionally, I enjoy watching TV, playing video games, reading (nonfiction, mostly), and spending time with family.

My dream job would be working in the front office of an MLB team, helping the club improve through analytic superiority. I'd love to help contribute to a team with a combination of my baseball experience and statisticial knowledge. Hopefully I can achieve this goal one day.

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here is a link to Daniel Dulaney's resume

Here's a list of the four most interesting classes I've taken at NC State

Name Major
Danny Liebman Civil Engineering
Shawnak Doshi Civil Engineering