Hi, I'm Dylan Misenheimer!

Picture of Mr. Misenheimer

School, Now & in the Future

I am currently a part of the Exploratory Studies program here at NC State. My intent is to double-major in computer and electrical engineering. Keeping with the four-year plan, my expected graduation date is May of 2020.

More About My Major

I chose electrical and computer engineering because I want to develop new technologies that will benefit society. By studying this specific field, I will learn about the basics of electronics, which will have a wide range of applications. Although I'm not entirely certain what specific area I would like to enter after graduation, this major can be applied anywhere from computer to medical developments. Ultimately, I would like to improve the life of the average individual through the improvement of technology.

Special Skills

Class Course Title Semester
MA 241 Calculus II Fall 2016
CH 101 Chemistry I Fall 2016
ECE 109 Introduction to Computer Systems Spring 2017