Typically called "Dina" by my friends, I am a rising sophomore with an intended major of Biomedical Engineering. I chose BME because it has so many applications to everything. It also impacts the daily lives of people such as amputees with protheses. Without the prosthetic, a BME device, most people would struggle. BME devices such as heart valves are also indeispensible. I also think somebody from any major could solve biomedical problems because it covers such a wide range of topics.

My favorite break so far has been the winter break. I went on an Outdoor Adventure ski trip put on by the Rec Center for 4 days and 3 nights with my roommate and our friend. We stayed in a condo at Snowshoe, WV with a total of 24 people; 8 total in our condo. the price was pretty great and the convenience of not having to drive in the snow was fantastic since the trip leaders drove the vans. It was super awesome and we made new friends that we would've never met if it hadn't been for the ski trip. Plus, Snowshoe is my favorite place to go snowboarding!

First of all, I barely know anything about March Madness. I am pretty sure it has to do with basketball but who knows. I guess I dislike it then since I know nothing about it. I do not wish to learn more about it and I kind of hope no one ever asks me again what I think about it. Conclusion: I couldn't care less about March Madness.

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Best Sammich?

  1. Get bread.
  2. Put butter on it.
  3. Spread fruit preserves/jam on it.
  4. DEVOUR.

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MA 242 A
ENG101 A