A page dedicated to getting Devlin Santos an "A" on his E115 Assignment

My name is Devlin Santos and I am an undergradute student and North Carolina State University. I plan on earning a degree in Texile Engineering as well as a minor in Computer Programming. I am a member of the class of 2021 and I intend of Graduating in the Spring of said year. I became intrested in Textile Engineering after my sibiling graduated from the College of Textiles in 2012 and 2014.

One job that I plan on pursuing the the near future is a position as a Community Leader in the Impact Leadership Village. As of yet I have offically applied and am waiting for my interview to be appointed to the position. As a Community Leader I would work to help First-Year acclimate to NCSU as smoothly as possible and help the become acustom to life on campus. I would really like this positin because I enjoy getting to know people and love living in Bowen.

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  1. CSC 116
  2. HESF 107
  3. EC 205
  4. HESS 244
  5. SLC 101
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