Dylan P. Elliott

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I am currently a junior at NC State University majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in game development. I recently graduated from Wake Technical Community College with an Associate in Science Pre-Major: Engineering, and I anticipate graduating from NC State with a Bachelor in Computer Science in 2019.

Professional Goals

I chose to major in Computer Science because I greatly enjoy technology, logic and mathematics, and working with computers in general. I have a passion for design and creativity, so designing new, useful and fun software, and testing through bugs whenever something goes wrong is really a great fit for me. Video games are another passion of mine, so after graduating I'm hoping for a career in the games industry as a developer, focusing on character and level design or perhaps working on a game engine. Eventually I hope to lead development on a game of my own design.

Class Course Title Semester
CSC216 Programming Concepts - Java Fall 2016
CSC230 C/Software Tools Spring 2017
CSC316 Data Structures and Algorithms Spring 2017