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My name is Daniel Moody. I am currently a freshman. I intend to persue a degree in either computer science or computer engineering. I have always enjoyed working with computers think that I would enjoy working in this field as a career. I plan on making the dicision after I have had a little more experience in each of the fields.

One of my favorite hobbies or activities to do is soccer. I have been playing for the majoritity of my life and really enjoy the sport. I have been able to meet lots of different people throughtout my years playing soccer and have learned alot of new skills. Soccer also helps to keep me in shape so that i am not too lazy. However I currently do not play on an intramural team due to too many schedual conflicts.

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    How to order a pizza

  1. Acquire your favorite pizza places phone number.
  2. Call desired pizza place.
  3. Tell the person on the other side of the phone line what type of pizza you want.
  4. Wait for pizza delivery guy.
  5. Pay Pizza delivery guy.
  6. Enjoy Pizza!
Class Grade
Ch 102 98.99%
E 115 S
Ma 141 96.50
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