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My name is Dylan Blalock. I am a freshman. My major, as of right now, is Engineering-undeclared. I plan on studying mechanical engineering. However, if that does not work out I am also interested in civil engineering.

My favorite hobby is hunting. I really enjoy spending time in the outdoors taking in God's beautiful creation. My friends and I spend most of our free time in the woods or on the water. Turkey hunting is my favorite. I also duck and deer hunt.

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How to make My Favorite Sandwich

  1. Gather ingredients: bread, cheese, ham, mayonnaise, and Italian dressing
  2. Spread the mayo on the bread, place on the ham and cheese, apply Italian dressing.
  3. Toast sandwich until bread is golden brown.
  4. Finally, cut sandwich diagonally and enjoy.
Class Grade
EC 205 A-
GC 120 A
MA 141 B
E 115 S