Welcome to Your Ultimate Fitness Guide

Hello and welcome to the beginning and end of your search for ultimate fitness. My name is Danny Camp. I am a freshman and my intended major is mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because I am interested in the different job opportunities and things I can do with this degree. I am interested in cars and I want to some day make my own inventions and start my own company like Elon Musk. I like how mechanical engineering lies straight on the path of my career objectives.

My favorite hobby is modifying cars and working on building cars from the ground up. I am on the Wolfpack Motorsports Team and I love working on the building of our Formula 1 car. We start from the ground up and build a whole frame, add all the engine components and modify the entire car to our own specifications. The car is not fully sized. The car is smaller than an official formula 1 car, but it is scaled down. I enjoy this hobby very much. This hobby gives me the freedom to express my innovation.

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  1. Walk to Talley Student Union
  2. Walk to Jason's Deli register
  3. Ask for Chicken Panini sandwinch
  4. Wait until Sandwinch is made
  5. Grab and walk away with Sandwinch
Course Name Expected Grade
EC 201 A
E 115 S
E 101 A
Py 205 B+
MA 341 C
Wolfpack Motorsports