Welcome to Daniel Drum's Homework 6 Assignment

My name is Daniel Drum and I am currently a freshman. I am hoping to join the civil
engineering department here at NC State this semester. I chose Civil Engineering because I
have always been interested in construction and designing buildings and structures. When I
realized how many art classes would be needed for an architecture degree, I settled on just
becoming the person to transform a blueprint into reality. I am minoring in History for fun as well.

My favorite hobby is to play golf. I started playing whenever I was in the fifth grade and have
not stoppped since. I played for both my middle and high school teams and made lifelong friends through
golf. I also work at my local golf course parking and washing golf carts so that I can earn money and play
for free. I enjoy playing golf because there is no room for ambiguity; there are no officials
whose opinion or view impact the game. You can only rely on and blame yourself.

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  1. Decide what type(s) of pizza you want
  2. Call your favorite pizza place and tell them your order
  3. Wait for the pizza delivery guy to show up
  4. Pay the delivery guy when he arrives and enjoy your pizza

Class Grade
E115 Pass
HESS 245 (Golf) Pass
HI 338 Russian History A

Photo of Golf Course Where I Work