My name is Daniela Fontecha and I am an intended chemistry major. I want to study chemistry and physics in order to go on to graduate school and do academic research. The moment of my decision came mainly from a summer internship I had the opportunity to participate in this past summer. I was working in an interdiscipinary lab that studied the behavior of quantum dots. This showed me a lifestyle that I like and I could see myself doing that everyday. It also showed me an example of how to combine physics and chemistry into my career, which is something I was looking to do.

My favorite hobby changes all the time. The main theme over the years has been leaning towards outdoor physical activities. I love going out, being active, and interacting with nature. My main hobbies involve a board of some kind, such as snowboarding, cruising, ripsiking, stuff like that. The feeling of carving down a hill is amazing. I also love hiking and mountain biking, anything that involves nature and pumps up my adrenaline.
Daniela Fontecha's Resume

How to Order a Pizza

  1. Choose a place to order from
  2. pick up the phone
  3. Dial the pizza people
  4. Tell them what you want
  5. wait for them to bring it to you
  6. eat it

Class Expected Grade
CH 101 A
EC 201 B-
Pilates S
MA 141 A-
ENG 101 A+
E115 S
E101 A
CH 102 A+