Homework 5 Assignment

Welcome to the Homework 5 Assignment!

My name is Dustin Hollar. I plan to graduate in 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree. However, I may end up graduating in 2020 due to the COOP program. I am currently a Mathematics major, but I plan on transferring to Astronautical Engineering. I am transferring into Astronautical Engineering because I have always loved learning about planes and I want to design and create planes.

My favorite hobby is playing a computer game called Europa Universalis IV (EUIV). EUIV is a real time grand strategy where I can take control of a real world nation starting in 1444, and play as that nation until 1820. In one campaign, I was able to conquer England, France, and Portugal as Spain. I once attempted a world conquest as France, but I was not able to stop Spain and Portugal from colonizing the new world. Currently, I have campaigns as India and Ottomans, where I have been extremely successful in conquering the surrounding nations.

Which pet is better, cats or dogs? Many claim dogs are better due to their supposed extrem loyalty to their masters, but I find that it is a poor reason to make a decision off of. From my experience, dogs are high maintenance pets and can be extremely annoying. On the other hand, I have found cats to be low maintenance to where I only have to worry about feeding it. I would have to say that cats make better pets than dogs.

My favorite website

My resume

How to make a roast beef sandwich.

  1. Acquire roast beef, swiss cheese, bread, and mayonaise.
  2. Place a decent helping of mayonnaise on the bottom slice of bread.
  3. Put approximately 4 slices of roast beef on the mayonnasied slice of bread.
  4. put the cheese on on the roast beef, and put the second slice of bread on that.
  5. Enjoy!
Class Grade
E115 S
English A
Fitness and Wellness S
Europa Universalis 4