Welcome To My Page!

Hello all! My name is David Lesser and I am currently a freshman business major.
Although I am a business major, that may change. I originally came to NC State not knowing what I want to do with my life.
However, since being on campus, that may have changed, I am currently debating if I want to switch into engineering.
I am interested in engineering because computers and mathematics have always interested me. I am also very intrigued by the challenges of engineering.
With that being said, I am not entirely sure if I am going to commit to the switch.

My favorite animal would most definitely have to be a dog. I love dogs so much and have had them all throughout my childhood.
I have had 3 dogs throughout my childhood. My first dog was named Bo and he had a buddy named Jake, my 2nd dog.
After those 2, my family rescued my current dog, Dolby. As a puppy, Dolby was abused and eventually sent to the Humane Society.
I love dogs because they are so sweet and fun to play with!
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My 2nd Favorite Website

How To Order Pizza

  1. Look up the pizza places phone number
  2. Call the pizza place
  3. Read the menu
  4. Tell the person your order
  5. Wait for pizza and pay when deliveryman arrives
Class Grade
CH 101 B+
Econ 201 A
MA 241 B
dog smiling
photo from: http://www.hdpaperwall.com/golden-retriever/