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Hello everyone, my name is Dominic Rodts, and I am a freshman at NC State studying mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because I like to build things, but I am not sure if I want to finish in mechanical engineering. There are so many branches of engineering, so I thought I would take freshman year and determine which branch I want to join. As a result, I am very excited to get started in some engineering classes and figure out what I want to study.

In the future I want to get my MBA and eventually work in the renewable energy industry. Therefore, I want to work for a company like Eaton or Duke Energy because their primary work is in the energy industry. I think that the future of America is contingent upon the integration of renewable energy as the main form of energy. I plan on pursuing internships or co-ops in this field in the next few summers.

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My Favorite Classes:

  1. MA 242
  2. EC 205
  3. E 101
  4. CH 101
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