About Me!

I'm from Boston but I love North Carolina and made the right choice coming to NC State! I love NC State basketball, but only when they don't disappoint us. I love to eat and below are some of my favorite foods and dessert stores around the country. I enjoy running so on this page you can find links to some of my favorite websites I go to to find running tips and clothes!

There are a lot of things I love to do as part of my daily routine or in the very rare free moment I have. I really enjoy movies because who doesn't love spending two hours watching the unrealistic but awesome life of somebody else?! I also love to read and that's a luxury I don't take enough time to do. Sometimes easy romance novels are fun and don't require a lot of thinking, but I really enjoy a good book with an unexpected plot that I just can't put down until I finish. Those are the types of books that remind me why I love reading.

My favorite thing to do that I always try to make time for is running. I feel so much better when I can just throw on some running clothes (the brighter the better!) and get on my feet, even if I need a lot of motivation sometimes.

Favorite Running Websites

Check out the NC State Athletics Page!
Take me to the bottom of the page for NC State Apparel

Favorite Foods

Pasta Avocados Cupcakes Pizza Salmon

Favorite Famous Dessert Stores

Sprinkles - The Original Cupcake Bakery that started the craze. Take me to their homepage! Mike's Pastry is the best place for authentic Italian desserts in the North End of Boston. Take me to their homepage!

Favorite Movies

  1. The Sandlot
  2. Titanic
  3. Polar Express
Favorite Books
The Hunger Games Dear John
Polar Express The Sandlot Titanic
The Polar Express Movie cover The main characters from The Sandlot The Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet movie based on the story of the Titanic
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Storming the court with CJ Leslie after beating No. 1 Duke! Take me to the NC State homepage

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