Homework 5a

Welcome to my second website made through E115, I hope you enjoy it.

Name: Drew Schweikert

Intended major: Biomedical Engineering

I chose this major because I have always had a fascination with the human body. I have always wanted to help people, but I dont know if I want to spend so much time in school becoming a doctor.Because of this, I chose Biomedical Engineering as the next best option. Doing Engineering will still allow me to help people and gain the knowledge of the human body that I have always liked.

As for my favorite hobby. It would definitely be playing video games. I have been playing video games since I was a little kid. I love to play video games either by myself or with friends. My friends and I will play games all the time into the latest hours of the night sometimes, its great!


Want to listen to some music?

My Favorite Sandwhich

  1. Get a bagel
  2. Mix tuna
  3. Put tuna on bagel and toast it for 2 minutes
  4. Take out and place slice of cheese on top bagel
  5. Toast for an additional 1 minute
  6. Let cool and enjoy

Class Expected Grade
Chem 101 B
Calc 141 B
Econ 201 C