Welcome Grader!

My name is Daniel Talley and I am a freshman here at NC State. I am currently planning on pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering. I find this major appealing because its all about making things faster and more efficient, which is a perfect job for me. I naturally enjoy making things organized and easier. Industrial Engineering is a great job for people who are slightly OCD, and I have to admit I am.

My favorite animal is the dog. This is because they are loyal, easy to have fun with, and are one of the smartest animals. Also, they are easy to train to do a wide range of useful things. Some of these things are duck hunting, drug sniffing, and assisting blind people. Also, dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Netflix Picture Home of the Wolfpack!!

How To Make A Pizza

  1. Prepare dough and make it into a crust
  2. Spread sauce over crust
  3. Spread cheese over sauce and crust
  4. Cook until cheese is slightly browned
  5. Enjoy
Class Expected Grade
Military Science A+
Environmental Science A+
Calc 2 A
Chemistry A-
English B+
Bowling S
E 115 S