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My name is Derrik Conrad. I am a junior studying Biomedical Engineering at NC State and UNC. I chose this major for many reasons. I think one of the most influential was my father. He is a phyical therapist and, because of his work, I have always been interested in how the human body functions. Another reason was my grandfather, Larry Colbert. He was a blind motivational speaker. But he was not always blind. He had retinitis pigmentosa. It is a degenerative retinal disease that degenerates the retina at different rates in different people. My grandfather lost his sight completely by the age of 20, although he only started to lose it a few years ealier. He passed away in 2011, and it was only when he was older that there was a medical procedure developed that had the potential to fix his disease. He was never able to have it because of his age, but I think that part of the reason that I am interested in this work is in homage to him.

I am currently a calculus tutor, but I recently had an internship at Del Bianco Prosthetics and Orthotics. I was a technician, and I learned how to make many different devices. I learned to make below-knee amputation devices, from the test sockets, used during the first couple patient visits to help them walk before finalizing, and then the final devices. I also learned this with above-knee amputation devices. I learned to make ankle-foot orthotics (AFO) as well as my personal favorite to make, the pectus orthosis: a device used to help fix deformations in the chest cavity.

    Favorite Classes Taken So Far:
  1. Engineering Dynamcis
  2. Solid Mechanics
  3. Multi-Variable Calculus
  4. Introduction to Biomaterials
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