My name is David Senerchia. I am a Freshmen at NC State. I am in first year college and want to transfer into computer science. I like computer science because it is fun and feels like solving a puzzle. Computer science really allows for clever logical thinking, which I like.

My favorite hobby is watching hockey. I enjoy watching hockey because it is a very fast moving game with lots of action. The skill it takes to play hockey is a lot greater than most of the sports you see, especially baseball. My favorite teams are the Los Angeles Kings and the Carolina Hurricanes. The Hurricanes are not very good but they are from my home and I support them.

My Resume
  1. I ask cashier for french bread
  2. I ask for ham on it
  3. I ask them to toast the sandwich
  4. I pay them and wait for the sandwich
Class MA 241 CH 101 EC 205
Grade B B+B+
An image of my favorite hobby