David Shane Hooley

Welcome to my web style resume!

Where it it?

My major, university, and graduation date:

I intend to major in electrical and computer engineering at NC State. I expect to graduate in the spring of 2020.

Why I chose ECE and what I want to do with my degree.

I chose ECE becuase I have a huge interest in electricity and the components that work with it and harness it for human use. In the end, I wish to use my degree to make bionic limbs that respond to the human brain, making it easier for amputees to get back to their normal lives.

Class Course TItle Semester
ECE 109 Introduction to Computer Systems Spring 2017
ECE 200 Introduction to Signals, Circuits and Systems Spring 2017
PY 208 Physics for ENgineers and Scientists II Spring 2017
PY 209 Physics for Engineers and Scientists Lab Spring 2017
COM 110 Public Speaking Spring 2017