A sleep deprived college student's webpage

My name is Davis Hudson. I am a first year engineering student who wants to CODA into Material Science Engineering. I chose this major because I enjoy chemistry and inorganic materials such as alloys interest me. I expect to CODA after next semester. My second and third CODA choices are Nuclear and Chemical Engineering as they are similar and are both interesting to me.

My favorite hobby is sleeping. I love sleeping and most of the time when friends come over they have to wake me up. the sad thing is that since coming to college I haven't been able to get much sleep and most of the time I'm tired. I try and make up for the lack of sleep on the weekends but most of the time I'm busy hanging out with friends. Also I know that the more time I'm at college means that I will not be able to sleep as much as I want. However, this is ok because I like learning and I don't mind missing sleep to learn interesting stuff.

Amazon website Resume
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  2. choose toppings (cheese, sausage, pepperoni)
  3. select payment method
  4. the pizza is now officially ordered
  5. Class Estimated grade
    Eng 219 -A
    MA 141 A
    CH 101 B
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