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My name is Daniel Mickens. I am a junior soon-to-be computer science major at North Carolina State University. Computer programming is something that has always interested me as a career. I love to learn how a computer thinks and interprets, and I am very interested in taking that to a career in software development. I am good at the programming work that I do, and it is very easy to enjoy something that you are good at.

Growing up I was always interested in music and it became a big part of my life. I played piano for years, I took individual lessons, played hymns and accompanied the band in church, and sang and accompanied my school choir. I was actually a piano major at Appalachian State University at one point in time. I also enjoy singing and playing the guitar.

Favorite Courses taken
  1. Golf
  2. Interactive Game Design
  3. History of Christianity
  4. Analytical Physics with Calculus
Name Degree Program
Cameron Rose Business Marketing
Katie Arney Public Policy