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Hello, my name is Douglas Scott Moore. I am a rising freshman at NC State. I am majoring in paper science and chemical engineering. I chose paper science after winning a scholarship from the program. I also toured and really enjoyed the small classes and personal and profesional opportunities. To my TA's astonishment I am participating in the honors program and living in Bagwell Hall come fall. I was also a semifinalist for the Park Scholarship.

My favorite vacation ever was to Atlantic Beach with my friends Phil, Stephen, Bridget, Kenny, Spencer, Guy, Jake, and Pookster. We were there for about four days. During our trip Bridget and I rode tandem bicycles together. Bridget and I took many trips to the park to play freeze tag while babysitting Stella and Ann Pryce, Pookster's little sisters. We all went to the beach together and played chicken and football in the ocean. It was lots of fun getting pictures with everyone and burying Pookster in the sand. We are all going back again on August 7th.

Dogs are better than cats in every way imaginable. I have a cat and a dog. I get angry with my cat because it is so much worse than my dog. My cat doesn't even let me pick her up while my dog jumps on me and licks me when I walk into the house. My cat also doesn't play with me and is very aloof. My dog is friendly, happy, and optimistic. Dogs are better than cats.

    How to make my favorite sandwich
  1. Get both end slices in a loaf of bread.
  2. Spread peanut butter on one and hummus on the other.
  3. Place lettuce, tomatoes, polar bear meat, and pickles in that order between the bread slices.
  4. Go to a Subway restaurant and toast it for 90 seconds in their sandwich toaster.
  5. Serve warm with a side salad and lemonade.

Class Grade
EC 201 A-
ENG 101 A
E 115 S

Atlantic Beach Vacation saved to www