Welcome to my website

My name is David Song. I am a freshmen at UNCW. The major I chosen is electrical engineering. I want to major in this area because I want to find new alternative renewable energy. I find using carbon emission fuel is damaging to our planet and we need to do something about it before we damage ourself. I want to make solar and wind source energy more efficient.
I have several hobbies that I love to spend my free time in. The first hobby that i enjoy is to play tennis which I found at the age of 13. I love the competition and exercise that comes with. The next hobby is chess which one of my inspiration plays and that is where I picked it up to play. I am not the best but I love to play it. My final hobby that I discovered is cooking which I found one night while I was hungry and was looking up youtube videos.

My favorite website. Youtube.
youtube website
This is a link to my resume. link

How to make a pizza
  1. make dough from flour and water
  2. roll dough and make it circular
  3. spread sauce on dough
  4. top off with pineapple and tiny strips of bacon
  5. put in oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees fahrenheit
  6. let it cool and eat

  7. Class Name Expected grades
    E115 Pass
    ECE 109 B+
    ENG 201 A
    ECN 201 B+
    MUS 115 A-
    PED 203 A

    One of my favorites hobbies, Chess