A little more about me:

My name is Divya Ramaswamy, and I am a junior in fashion design. I chose fashion design because I have been passionate about creating clothing every since I was little, and have always wanted to pursue a career in this profession. Fashion design is an important because it a way to communicate and connect with other people, as well as improve other people's lives.

My dream job is to develop and design apparel that would be used for integrating smart textiles. My dream job would allow me to make a difference in the world I live in, and I think that smart textiles will play a large role in shaping the future of technology, as human become more involved with the technology they use. My job as a designer would be to become extensively involved in the research and development stage of the product, and analyze the aesthetic appeal and wearability of the fabrics/technologies created.

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  1. Yarn Production and Properties
  2. Introduction to Computing - Java
  3. History of North Carolina
  4. First Year Studio II
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