Welcome to David's Homework 5

My name is David Tillack and I am a arising freshmen at North Carolina State University. My intended major is Mechanical Engineering with hopes of graduate school later on. I chose Mechanical Engineering because I like science and math, enjoy building things, and I am always curious as to why and how things work. I hope to take the Mechanical Engineering degree and pair it with either an MBA, medical degree or law degree and hopefully either run start up companies or work in some way shape and form in entrepreneurial-minded sectors. Will be a lot of work but if I make it through the schooling, hopefully it will pay off in the end.

My favorite vacation was a cruise I went on in the Mediterranean. This cruise was my favorite because I got to see parts of Europe I have never seen before. My favorite place on this vacation was Madrid, Spain. This was the same year that the world come was going on, 2010, and the Spanish team won believe it or not. So visiting the Barcelona stadium was a huge highlight for me as well as seeing the beautiful beaches and the Guadi Architecture.

Personally I have always liked dogs better than cats but enjoy cats nonetheless. However, if this is supposed to be a somewhat persuasive short paragraph as to which is better than I would have to go with dogs just because they are bigger (I am a big guy) and are typically more friendly. Plus dogs can be put on a leash and taken outside whereas cats are more free-minded and prefer to do whatever they want (have a mind of their own). Therefore, the saying goes a dog is a man's best friend is this stems off of the ability for dogs to become one with a human being whereas cats as mentioned earlier are more independent and free-bodied. So with all that being said, that is why I would have to say dogs are better than cats.

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How to make a Sandwich

  1. toast bread
  2. put cheese on bread and put it in oven to melt
  3. once cheese has melted on bread put some ham to satisfaction
  4. once ham is on add some honey mustard to one side of the toasted bread
  5. finally, add a pickle or lettuce and you're done!

Class Expected Grade
Chemistry 111A
Fundamentals of EconomicsB+
Computer Environ E115S

Barcelona Stadium