My name is Daniel Bun and welcome to my about me page!

College Bio

Hello, I am a freshman at North Carolina State University and my anticipated graduation date is May 2020. My major currently is First Year Engineering, which is the equivalent to being undecided. The major I intend to complete is Chemical Engineering.

Major and Intent

I chose the root of my major as engineering because it is a major that helps people. This career uses the information researchers and scientists have found to create and improve things we use in our daily lives. I intend to use this major to either research better safer chemical compositions for products. This could relate to a variety of different things, since chemistry can be applied to plastics, textiles and many other products in our everyday lives. The potential to help a lot of people with a subject I find interesting is why chemical engineering is the major I intend to complete.


Class Course Title Semester
CH 201 Chemistry - A Quantitative Science Spring 2017
MA 241 Calculus II Summer 2017
CH 221 Organic Chemistry I Fall 2017