Welcome to My About Me Page

My name is David Flaherty. I am a senior in the computer engineering program. I have a previous degree in genetics and a background in biophysics research. However, I have recently re-enrolled at State to change careers. The reason I chose computer engineering is that I wanted to move into a field of research with more immediate impact. Additionally, with the recent advances in the fields of both quantum- and bio-computing, I felt my background would put me at a unique position in this rapidly developing field.

Currently, I am unemployed, however I have held a number of jobs in the education and research fields. I was a teaching assistant at Emory University for a few years as part of a PhD program and for a brief time was a teacher in China. However, after a few year hiatus from the research field, I am looking for any research openings available in or around Raleigh in the computer engineering field.

  1. GN 423-Population, Quantitative, and Evolutionary Genetics
  2. MA 401-Applied Differential Equations II
  3. PY 519-Biological Physics
  4. PY 341-Spacetime Physics
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