My name is Darin Thorbjornsen. I am a junior by credits, but it is my first year at NCSU. I transferred from ECU. My major is mechanical engineering. I chose this major because I enjoy building and understanding how things work.

My hobbies are exercising, playing games, playing soccer with my friends, playing golf with my dad, and learning other languages. I am currently taking Japanese I and I am enjoying it. I usually play soccer with my friends every weekend at the park. We usually play againest the same group. Although on rainy days I do not go.

YouTube Resume
    How to Order Pizza from Papa Johns via Online
  1. Go to the Papa Johns pizza homepage.
  2. Go to Order Pizza.
  3. Select a preset pizza or create your own.
  4. Follow instructions for checkout.
Class Grade
E115 S
ECE 331 B
MAE 315 A
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