Welcome to the professional website of Devon Hughes

Welcome to my website!

This website was created purely for my course, E115, in my 5th independent assignment for the class.

Hello, my name is Devon Hughes, and I am a first year engineering student interested in Paper Science and Chemical Engineering.

I became interested in this discipline while I took my first chemistry in class in sophmore year of high school.

I soon realized that I had an affinity for the subject, and my wonderful teacher helped foster this.

While I want to pursue this as a career, my first job was actually as a cashier at a hardware store.

Being that I had no experience in anything relating to hardware, I had to learn the ropes very quickly

Despite this, I loved the environment there and am still extremely fond of the coworkers I had there when I left for college.

Below is a photo of me that was taken a few days before traveling to NCSU.

It can be clicked to connect you to my NCSU email.

Devon Hughes

My most interesting classes so far:

  1. CHE 101
  2. MA 141
  3. CHE 102
  4. PSE 295

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Engaging Leaders Link