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Hello, my name is Daniel Sutton, though I usually go by Danny. I'm currently a freshman at NC State, and I expect to earn my bachelor's degree by 2021. Currently I am aiming for a major in Biomedical Engineering, though based on how competitive the department is, I am prepared to aim for a different major. Over all, I want to apply myself to the advancement of medical science, through whichever major I pursue.

My dream job, or at least the most plausible one, is one which I've actually gotten some hand-on experience with. Back in high school, I participated in a job shadow, working with a pharmacologist. I had a lot of fun learning a bit about pharmacokinetics, since chemistry & biology were two subjects which I enjoyed greatly. To top it all off, it was work which could be done from home, which I found very appealing at the time.

Most Interesting Classes I've Taken So Far

  1. E 115
  2. EC 201
  3. MA 141
  4. E 101
  5. CH 101

Clubs & Organizations Which Interest Me

Name of Group Link to Website
Collegiate Association of Table Top Gamers Link (Opens in new tab)
NCSU Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter Link (Opens in new tab)