Welcome to My Webpage:

Hello, my name is Dinh Ton and welcome to my webpage. I'm a transfered student from Waketech major in Computer Engineeringin Fall of 2017. One of my hobbies is building computer,I find it really fascinating and when I build computer it makes me happy. Thats why I chose this major and also because I wanted to get a job that I really love and enjoy doing.

I'm currently unemployed but I used to work for a restaurant as a waitor about 2 years ago. It wasn't the best job but it sure teach me a few things that always respect working people and use your money wisely. My dream job is to work for any big computer hardware manufacturers, so I can keep building computer which is what I love the most.

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My Favorite Classes:

  1. ECE 200
  2. ECE 109
  3. E 201
  4. ST 371
  5. E 115
    1. Club I want to join Links
      NC State Men's Club Soccer Link
      NCSU University Club Tennis Link