Welcome to my About Me page!

My name is Dianna Pham. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University in the first-year engineering program with the intention to major in biomedical engineering. I love being around people and working with them, but my personality type puts me behind the scenes to support those on the fore-front. My career goal is to help make the materials/machines that doctors and nurses can use to help people. I want to improve the quality of global healthcare and help people who couldn't be helped before. I think this a very unique concept in which people in this type of work can literally open doors for so many people. These type of engineers are helping people move forward with their lives in new ways.

My dream job is to work in the lab of a medical device company. I job shadowed at these companies in high school, and I really loved the working environment. I want to create things in the lab or design products that can help other people. In high school, I always loved working with cells in biology lab. I would like to do the same thing in the future with a concentration in biomaterials.

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Interesting classes taken/want to take at NCSU:

  1. MUS 211 - History of Popular Music (1980's - present)
  2. MUS 131 - Marching Band
  3. REL 317 - Christianity
  4. PSY 200 - Intro to Psych

Clubs/Organizations wanting to take part in:

Organization Link
Alpha Phi Gamma https://www.facebook.com/ncsuaphig/
Power Sound of the Sound https://music.arts.ncsu.edu/ensembles/