Welcome to my page!

Hi, my name is Dakota Vandawalker! I am currently a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering. I knew I wanted to pursue Engineering as a major but like alot of people, I was completely lost as to which one to choose. One day on a flight, I looked out to see parts of the wing changing positions to control the air flow and was completely blown away. This was something that I had seen plenty of times before, but it wasn't until then I could appreciate the engineering that was put into that system. This led to me developing an interest into Aerodynamics and now here I am!

My dream job would to be an aerodynamicist in motorsports. Aerodynamics is a huge part of any type of racing. Formula 1 is regarded as the pinnacle of automotive racing and the amount of work and testing put into the cars shows that. Wings on cars work the opposite way an airplane wing does. By flipping it upside down, the car generates downforce instead of lift. This allows for the car to take faster corners and make better lap times. I would love to have this job because each track requires a different tune, so there's always a challenge to overcome!

Interesting Classes

  1. Aerodynamics I
  2. Computational Methods in Aerodynamics
  3. Elementary Portuguese
  4. US-Latin American Relations since 1823

Interesting Clubs

Name Website
Wolfpack Motorsports Website Link
AIAA Website Link