Welcome to E115 fun

My name is Dyon and I am a sophomore at NC state. Environmental Engineering is my major. I want to be an Environmental engineer because I want to changing the world. My goal is to make clean water available to everyone in third world, or developing countries. I can do a lot with water and can do a lot of change as an Environmental eEgineer. I plan on developing better, more efficient, and low cost systems for keeping water clean and recycling it. I would also like to dig wells and get to know the community I build for.

My favorite animal is a duck. I love the sound that ducks make. Ducks can fly which is awesome, I want to fly! feathers also must be really comfy to have on your body, I mean a duck is basically a flying pillow. Ducks are really cute, even the ugly ones are cute.

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How to make pizza

  1. call your mom or a caring friend
  2. ask them if they can go to the store for you
  3. tell them to go to the frozen isle
  4. ask them to find and buy a frozen pizza
  5. have them drive to your house and put the pizza in the oven
  6. take the pizza out the oven after 15 minutes
  7. let the pizza cool down and enjoy
Class Expected Grade
CE373 B
ChemE 205 B
Stat370 A

this is kind of a duck